BTP Close Protection Training Program
e-Application Form 

Applicants to the BTP Close Protection Training Program should complete this application form and submit it online. Full joining instructions will be issued upon receipt. Manual, simple free accommodations and all other training equipment are included in the course fee. The total tuition of the BTP Close Protection Program is listed, in local currency, at respective course location below.
A) Full Name:
B) NIC: *
C) Address:
D) Date of Birth:
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F) Country:
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H) Present Employment:
I) Reference: (Name/Company/Phone)

*) NIC is your national ID (for example your SSN, Personal number etc, depending on nationality).

J) Preferred BTP Course Date/Location: **
BTP200415 - 06 Apr 2020
USA - Miami, FL
BTP200834 - 17 Aug 2020
Sweden - Stockholm
€ 3.500 EUR
BTP201145 - 02 Nov 2020
Philippines - Manila
$ 3.495 USD
Open to BTP Graduates only! ***

**) You may apply for several course dates/locations, please tick the boxes representing the preferred course dates.
***) ATP applicants; Please tick the ATP box and the appropriate BTP box indicating where you intend to complete your ATP course. ATP is only available to applicants who successfully graduated from a previous BTP course!

K) Name:
L) Date
Declaration; I'm of legal age and in good health. I understand that ISA Academy® under no circumstances is liable for accidents or loss of any personal possessions, which happen during attendance of the BTP Close Protection Training Program. By signing this declaration, I also approve to a full security vetting by the ISA Academy®. Please consider up to two weeks for processing of an individual application. Applicants, who do not pass the security clearance, may be rejected without further declaration at any time throughout the process. By submitting your application, you confirm that you have read and accept the conditions of attendance.

Agency Applicants:
If your participation in the BTP Close Protection Training Program is authorized for payment by your agency, please fill in the invoice address and administrative contact of the accounting department. Otherwise, leave sections M) N) and O) blank!

M) Invoice Address:
N) Administrative Contact:
O) Phone Number and Extension:

A deposit corresponding to 10% of the course fee will be required within 7 days upon the confirmation of attendance is sent to the applicant to finalize enrollment!